Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Many years ago I had a dream where in I was visited by Jesus.  It was so vivid and clear that I felt and knew it was real.  In it I was walking down a long road that was lined and covered by trees that were creating the most beautiful canopy overhead.  It was fall and the colors were amazing and vivid.  As the wind slowly rustled you could see the light dancing on the roadway.

I remember feeling utterly alone and wishing beyond wishes that somehow my life would be worth something, that I would not be forced to forever wonder if I had a purpose or if I was from the beginning nothing but a mistake.

As I walked down the old dirt road I could see someone walking towards me.  That person was a long ways off and I wondered what they were doing there yet I couldn't make out who it was.  As I continued to walk they were suddenly in front of me just a few feet away.  I knew without any introduction who it was and all within me jumped with joy and simultaneously shook with fear.  It was Jesus.

I had spent years calling to Him, begging Him to help me from one thing or another.  I had asked Him to help my daddy stop drinking, to stop being so angry, to just stop.  I asked over and over and over and each time I felt that my prayers fell on deaf ears, there was silence and the prayers were unheard.  My heart broke with each unanswered prayer and my belief in a God that loved me and a Jesus that saves all was shaken, not destroyed, but damaged. 

So the very moment I saw my Saviour standing there looking at me all my fears were in front of me.  The joy of seeing Him there was inside of me.  I could feel my heart leap.  But I couldn't allow it to carry me into His arms.  I couldn't allow it to help me feel peace.  Instead I felt the fear and the dread.  Is He here to tell me I was asking for too much, begging too much, that He had too much to do to deal with to worry about my miniature problems?  Was he there to crush my very existence because I was a mistake?  Was He there to accuse me of all the bad I had ever done, ready to sentence me to life of unbearable pain and suffering?

Hundreds of questions flew through my head in the split second before He spoke and then they were all silenced by His smile.  What a sweet smile, warm and inviting.  The very glance of His eyes melted my heart and put me at ease.  His voice was soothing and yet it was strong and had authority.  "You are my girl."  What did He say, surely He was mistaken, He had the wrong girl?  "You are mine and I love you, no one can harm you.  You were not a mistake and I have many plans for you." 

Tears fell down my face and I couldn't believe that with three sentences He crushed every fear I ever had.  Tears fell freely down my face and as they did He reached out and wiped up each and every one.  Not one fell to the ground.  I felt relief and joy and peace wash over me and as quickly as He was there, He was gone again.  But to this day that memory remains.  It was a powerful, life changing moment.

I was looking through some art that is on Fine Art America, an art website I belong to and as soon as I saw the below picture every aspect of that dream came flying back.  In my minds eye I could see Jesus walking on that path.  It is a beautiful painting and I would like to share it with you.  I pray that you are visited someday by the one and true King and that you will allow Him to wipe your tears away as well.

Thank you Shana Rowe for creating this beautiful work and reminding me of an amazing visitation!

Art PrintsHere is a little about Shana ~  "Born and raised in Maine, I am a self taught artist and photographer and have been doing art since I was a young child. I work mostly in acrylics and watercolors when I paint, but dabble in a bit of oils too. I do a lot of landscape work but like to paint a little bit of everything, whatever strikes me at the time really.

When it comes to photography it is similar to my painting style in that I do a little bit of everything, I just point and click when I see something beautiful! The best part for me is editing the photos, where I get to use my artistic skill to make something beautiful even more beautiful.

I also paint glass, make jewelry and candles. I'll try anything once when it comes to crafting. I have a bright, bold kind of style, and hope that you will find something in one of my galleries that brightens up your day!!" By Shana Rowe


Cindy said...


This is a beautiful and touching piece of writing. You have a definite gift of writing. I hope you keep it up.


Carri said...

Ahhh Thanks Cindy... I miss you! Hugs!

Maleko said...

Dreams and visions are tomorrow's reality, awesome!