Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Day of Homschooling!

Well, my start date for homeschooling is here!  I have had this date set for a while.  We are going to homeschool mostly year around except some vacations.  I almost didn't start today though.  I have had problems getting the right curriculum and getting all my stuff together but you know what, who cares!  I am starting anyway.

So without any of my curriculum what did I start with??? Penmanship!  I found this awesome website out there D'Nealian Style Handwriting where you can put your own letters, words or sentences in and just print them out!  It is awesome!  So Charis is working hard on her penmanship and after her first line she says, "Mom, can I take a break my neck is tired from looking at the page."  I just about rolled on the floor laughing.  I showed her to look up and stretch her neck but no, we were not quitting for a break after the first 5 minutes.

We will also work on some reading today and simple addition.  I am hoping my curriculum is here within the next couple days, but if not, we are working hard regardless!

Learing... here we come!!!!

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