Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Dance Recital

We had a big event last week!  Our Muppin had her first dance recital!  She had taken ballet and tap all last year and here at the end of the school year was the big day to see if she had learned anything, but more importantly to see if she truly had fun and enjoyed what she was learning.  I just have to say, she was amazing!  Yes, I am her mom and I know that makes me biased but she really was amazing!  I loved watching every second of her performance.  Here are a few pics of her.  We did take video but that will be uploaded later.
Here she is peeking at herself in the mirror, very excited to see that she is looking more and more like a real dancer!  She was over the moon happy with her outfit!  A true princess she is.   

She is so excited on the drive there.

 Ready and waiting for her first dress rehearsal!

 Beautiful and beaming after the show!  Mom, dad, grammy and poppy all very proud of our little Muppin!  I can't wait for the next time!

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