About Me

I am a wife to an incredible man and I love being with him more than anything!  I also have a beautiful 7 year old little girl who is the joy of my life!  For the purpose of this blog she will be named Muppin in order to keep her identity somewhat private.  I enjoy keeping busy with my family and it is one of the single most amazing blessings the Lord has bestowed on me in my life.

I am in love with the Lord and am excited for what He has planned for me.  I am embarking on a new adventure, one not only as a stay-at-home mom but now as a homeschool mom as well.  I love my church and have a desire for Women's Ministry and love helping women see the potential in themselves!

I enjoy some online communities and of course many of my 3D friends.  I am a writer and I am having fun working on a devotional that I hope to publish someday.  I am also working creating some notebooking pages for my daughter to use in school and will hopefully be selling them soon as well. I love photography and creating jewelry and I have my own photography site as well as an Etsy site which you can see below.

I never expected to work so hard or to be so busy yet not work outside the home.  But it is a blessing beyond imagining, and I am grateful to God for every single minute of it.  Each and every day I have here with my family is filled with all the ups and downs you can imagine, yet He is the author of my day, and it is very good!

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My husband is also a very brilliant writer and painter.  You will be blessed with his gifts at his sites below.

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