Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Incredible Photographer!

Wow!  Life has been busy!  I have not had the chance to sit and write in far too long and I am glad to be back at it.  What I find funny is that the last blog post I wrote about was how to use tools to help you keep on track when blogging!  Goes to show that even with the best tools possible, if you are super busy, life takes over.  

Well, as I get back into things I really wanted to share with you a wonderful photographer with great talent that I recently had the pleasure to work with.  Well, work with is not really true, she worked and I watched ;)  

Recently she called and asked if she could use my Muppin in a photo shoot she wanted to do.  Now, I have always thought that in no way would I ever let my Muppin do modeling of any kind, never!  Modeling can be a slippery slope with lots of dangerous ledges for some people.  Well, once again I realize you should never say never!  I guess I didn't even think twice about saying yes because of the person doing the shoot! She is an amazing woman that I have had the honor to get to know over the last few years and I have no doubt about how she would treat my daughter. 

The photographer is Heather who owns Elements Photography!  To say the least she is incredible!  In few years I have known her I have seen her artistry just blossom and turn into something truly beautiful.  Heather is a a natural light portrait photographer and all her sessions are done on location, however, she is working toward a natural light studio and I can't wait to see that when it is done.

Heather's primary focus is children and high school seniors, though she does photograph newborns, families, maternity and boutique.  I have seen examples of all her styles and love her artistry within each area.  Her love of color is truly captured and there is a vibrant essence of mood and soul and she easily captures a true reflection of the individuals spirit and character.  Her motto is "Life in Focus" and I truly believe she captures that.

Recently Heather was featured in Dreamer - A Creative Sketchbook which is a collaboration between Shannon Sewell and Julie Martin (owner of Zozo Bug Baby clothing).  This is the feature that my daughter was blessed to be part of.  I am both proud of the kids and Heather for putting together such amazing work and sharing that talent with the rest of us.  If you follow the link at the beginning of this paragraph you can look through Dreamer and find Heather's work about halfway through.  Her work is titled "Ice Cream Social" and is on page 41-46 and the shoot turned out really amazing!  You can tell through the pictures she is truly great with kids.

If you live in the South Puget Sound area in WA State I highly recommend Heather with Elements Photography!  Follow her link to her website here and enjoy her works of art.  Her fees are also listed there and are very good prices.  Thanks Heather for your amazing talent!

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