Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

Brandi at Aspin Photography is having another blog party!  I think number 3 in her project 52 and how fun it is.  "Winter Wonderland" is the theme and how appropriate.  Last week we were hit with an incredible amount of snow!  After all was said and done we had some areas with over 22 inches, most were around 20 though.  Then we had freezing rain and wind storms.  To say the least it was an adventure!  We were without power for several days and camping takes on a whole new dimension in a deep freeze.. LOL

~ Here is my photo for the blog party ~

After our first 7 inches of snow Mark and Muppin built a snow fort.  It was almost as tall as her.  It came with windows, a living room, kitchen and bedroom.  After the next 14+ inches of snow, the fort was forgotten for a couple days and more time was spent sledding (on flat ground) and making trails through the deep snow!  But much fun was had in there.  We threatened her if she got cheeky she was going to spend the night out there.  No threat to her though so we had to change that tactic quickly or else she would have been out there all night long!

Don't forget to check out Aspin Photography and join in on the blog party!  You will have a blast! 

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