Sunday, January 8, 2012


A friend of mine named Brandi is a great photographer and she is hosting a new blog party this year!  Each week starting this week she will post a new topic and you are to capture that topic with a photo, post about it and then link back to her blog.  It is called Project 52!  It is going to be great fun and will help me to stay on my toes and to keep working on my own photography and blog as well.  She is an incredible artist and I hope you have fun checking out her stuff.  Her website is Aspin Photography and here is a link to "Project 52."

So this weeks theme is "Happiness!"

I chose this picture of my little Muppin with her daddy because pure happiness is for sure what they were feeling during this picture.  She is for sure Daddy's girl!

I hope you join Brandi in "Project 52!"  Get to taking pictures and have fun!  Happy New Year!


Aspin Photography said...

Great photo! She is defiantly showing her HAPPINESS! Thanks for participating and I can't wait to see what your images are in the following weeks!

Carri said...

Thanks Brandi...