Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I took an amazing workshop for creative non-fiction this last weekend.  It was incredible!  One of the things we did was look at poetry and I had to write something.  I was scared!  I used to write poetry but it was all very emotional and it was the rhyming stuff and the kind where you had to count lines and stuff.  

Well I didn't want to do that and yet writing a poem that did not rhyme didn't make sense to me either.  I needed rules!  I have followed rules all my life and this shouldn't be the exception right! Wrong!  I was quickly urged to write something that didn't rhyme and something that was not important or moving! Nichole offered up that I should write about rules, so I did and you get to be some of the first to read it!  Feed back would be awesome!  Have fun!  And no, I didn't follow any rules, grammar or otherwise!


There are so many rules!
Here I am...
Thinking about writing, creating a poem...
And the rules jump in and promise to end all of my fun!

I say POO to the rules!
Who made them anyway?
Some man, old and stuffy?
Some old woman, collar stacked high and tight around her neck?

What do they know about fun?
i say they don't know much at all.
I want to play, explore and feel expression.
I don't want to count my worlds or make them rhyme!

Rules, always needed and always ready to be broken.
If that isn't the case...
What fun would the rules be anyway!

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Maleko said...

I love this, that's living outside the box that others try to keep us in!