Monday, June 13, 2011

The Passion of Pursuit

My dearest love, do you not know how deep my love runs for you?  Oh how I long to scoop you up in my arms, twirl you around as your hair blows in the breeze.  I long to catch a glimpse of that beautiful smile that Father God created.  How beautiful is the smile he made just for you.  It fits you perfectly my love.

I have been following, pursuing and loving you all the days of your life.  When you were in your mothers womb and you felt her pain when she thought of you, I was there comforting you.  I was covering and protecting you.  My Spirit was in the water that surrounded your tiny little shape and my Spirit flowed through your lungs giving you life.  He nurtured you for me because of My (Our) great love for you from the beginning.  You may have not been planned by your family but you were most definitely planned by the Father, We have a purpose for you.

I knew your heart would yearn for me, that you would eventually turn to me and it brings me such joy to see it come to pass.  I also knew the pain that you would endure throughout your life, the struggles that pain would cause you and how much you would fear.  The enemy could see your worth and your love for me too and he could also see your weaknesses and he formed a terrible plan against you.  But I sent angels to minister to you and protected you.  I bound the enemy so he could not end your life and I have made sure you have been and always will be under my protection.  You are my girl, under my protection.

My sweet love, how I long for the day when you abandon all your fears and just run to me.  I see you peeking out from time to time, as you think you are sneaking up on me.  As soon as you think I am looking I know you dart back behind the wall you have built.  But I love you so much and I have more patience than you could imagine and I will not give up on your abandon love.  I have so much to give you and I am just waiting for you to ask.  Remember my covenant to you?  It is unbreakable and I will forever honor my part regardless your ability to honor yours.  I know you will make mistakes, I have already taken care of that for you.  Just touch my hands and you will see.

I wait with you to hear your desires and your invitation to be part of your life. You are my girl, my love, my passion!  I will always pursue you, I am right beside you...

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heart-of-clay said...

This is beautiful writing Carri! And the photos of the sky from your house are gorgeous!