Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Everyday Beauty!


Last time I wrote I talked about my birds that have been visiting us regularly.  Here is another picture of one.  They still come and spend a lot of time at our front window a couple feet away from where we sit and watch them with excitement. 

I live in the country and because of that I get to see incredible beauty every day.  I have bunnies, birds, and occasionally deer that happen by our yard.  But every day I am in awe with the beauty from every angle of our home.  We have beautiful trees and sky's and I am so blessed to have the home we live in.

Here is a beautiful glimpse of our sky from our back porch.  Lovely even on a stormy day.

And this is a shot from the same spot at night.  What beauty surrounds us!  Sometimes I get frustrated with all the work it takes to keep up our place, but how can I when I get to glimpse this majesty on a regular basis?

We have also had some bluebirds this year!  We have not seen them in the past three years that we have lived here so this is a fun find for us.  They are noisy birds though!

And there are not too many people who can fly a kite in their back yard!  I hope you take the time to look around your home and find the everyday beauty around you!  God bless!

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