Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Fun

We didn't go anywhere exciting this spring break.  We stayed home and enjoyed each others company.  But we did go outdoors on the ONE non-rainy day!  Notice I didn't say sunny!  We did get a bit of sun breaks here and there on Saturday, but all in all, not so much sun... BUT there was an absence of rain!  I will take that anytime!

First we worked on our tent tailor, we are going camping this weekend for my birthday and I wanted to open it up, clean out the dust and purify the water tank.  That was fun, going through all the gear, letting Charis play around and enjoy memories of the past!  I love camping!

After that we decided to go into town and just enjoy the weather, walk around and get some fresh air.  So we went down by the capital building, as you can see, there is no sun!  But no rain either!

Capital Building ~ Olympia, WA

We saw lots of beautiful trees and Charis had fun climbing them!  Or trying to rather, she would get scared as soon as she got up there, but it was fun anyway.  The colors of the trees were so vivid and beautiful, I was in awe of how we miss those colors sometimes because of the constant rain this time of year.  I am so ready for sunshine so I can take in more beauty as it blossoms! 

There is a grouping of trees over by the DOT building and right next to it there is a community garden that has been planted.  Charis had a blast running through the trees and playing between the gardens!

Charis posing for her picture ~ 

Charis having fun running through the maze of trees!

~ Almost looked like Chronicles of Narnia!


      Beautiful girl in the beautiful trees ~

 I love my little Muppin!

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