Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Camping!

My birthday was last week and I was asked by many people what I wanted, of course there are too many things to list and too many things I would never ask for.  We have been working hard to cut spending and to change the way we see presents or gifts.  We don't want birthdays or holidays to be about the gifts, but about the love and the relationships.  My wonderful husband and daughter made sure I had presents and cake though!

So, when asked by my sweet husband what I wanted to do, I said... CAMPING!

I love to camp and getting away from all the things in life that get between you, God and your family.  So for me, it was perfect.  We packed up the tent trailer, made sure we had goodies to eat, "DRY" wood to build a fire (because what is camping if there isn't a good fire) and warm clothing.  We were not sure if we would be camping in the snow or rain, since we haven't been in the 60s yet this year and we have had a lot of low snow!  Either way it was going to be fun... I knew it!

When we got there we made sure to find a secluded place, not too hard since no one else in their right minds is going camping in the wet rainy season here!  I never said we were in our right minds.  We got set up right away, and as you can see Charis decided the picnic table was a stage and Sadee had fun with all the smells!

Once we were done with all the set up everyone was starving, so lunch was served and Charis of course thought there was nothing better than eating in the trailer, even if she still had to eat her veggies.  (As you can see, I brought my birthday flowers with me!)

Charis truly had a blast and I loved seeing her have fun! 


   She is a total ham and adores the outdoors!
This is her on the picnic table again singing and dancing for us.  I about had a heart attack each time she was within an inch of the edge but she just rolled her eyes at me, she knew what she was doing!  LOL

 Beautiful girl enjoying the sunset!

It is getting COLD!!!!  The nights got super chilly and we woke up each morning with ice on the dog water.  The sun is going down as Charis can feel it so she is huddled while she waits for the fire!

 Ahhh, Fire!  As you can see, she didn't have to wait long.  I have always thought that the best thing about camping is the fire.  I love the true heat it puts off, while it burns your knees, and the beauty of the flames.  I also love to roast (or burn) marshmellows. We don't eat them, yuck!  

We are an anti-marshmellow family!

 As with most camping trips, the evening skies did not disappoint us.  The sun went down with blazing colors which I will share in another post, and the moon was full and put out as much light at times as the evening sun.I am so grateful for this trip.  It was a true blessing to be with my family in such a beautiful place.  I will soon share some more pictures of all the wildlife we saw, and the most amazing sunsets!  Be Blessed!

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