Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As we take the time to research homeschooling for our beautiful daughter it is interesting how many curriculum are out there!  Way more than I could ever research completely.  Thank goodness for others who have gone before us right!  It is nice to get feedback from other people as well as from blogs.  But I am a hands-on kind of person so it is still difficult for me.  Thank goodness for the curriculum fair coming up on June!  I can't wait.

So far there are three curriculum that are jumping out at me.  Charistian Light Publications has a great homeschool program that I a loving the look of and may be the one.  Lifepac by Alpha and Omega, Christian Light Education and Sonlight are at the top right now as well,  A Beka is another good program, and Singapore Math looks fun.  But again, I need to see it all hands-on.  It is difficult making these decisions with little pictures on the web... and sometimes no pictures at all.  I need to see, touch and feel it.. lol  I can't wait until the curriculum fair!

If you have anymore insight then I would love to hear from you and get your opinions!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


Lisa Grace said...

Have you checked out Tapestry of Grace?? Their site can seem a little overwhelming at first, but just go ahead and download their Egypt lesson plan -- you get to see the first 3 weeks hands on and take it for a test drive!

I love it for all of the projects we can do, the fact that all 3 kids will be able to learn together, but at their own level, and that I am only buying it 4x and reusing it 2 more to get all 12 grades out of it (my frugal nature is skipping and twirling over this detail!). We are using First Language Lesson for the Well Trained Mind, as well as science suggestions from The Well Trained Mind (lots of AWESOME hands on stuff!) and Math U See.

Carri said...

Hi Again Lisa! Thanks so much for the information! I am on my way to play with the Egypt Lesson! I love your input, Thanks!