Friday, April 20, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 11


This week has been very busy indeed.  We started it out by going camping last weekend for my birthday and it was fun.  It was on the cool side but we did have sun and the rain did not find us until we packed up and went home, I am grateful for that too! I love my family so much and what better way to spend my birthday than out in the woods, just us and peace and quiet!


I still struggle with what I am going to do with my daughter for homeschool.  I am using Lifepac right now and it is a great program but still doesn't feel right.

I have been reading a homeschooling blog this week called Sprittibee and it has been such a blessing to me.  She is part of a blog series called "10 Days of Homeschool Series - A group Venture" and she is doing her series on "Accidental Homeschooling" and it is perfect for me at this time.  And because of her I am seriously looking into a mix of unschooling, unit studies and book work.  I know, right!  How crazy of a mix is that!?  But here is the thing.  My daughter is a very creative type person, just like my husband.  And for her, sitting and working in a book for a long period of time is just not fun.

I am thinking of continuing with Lifepac for one or two subjects, not sure yet.  If I do it will be math and language.  But I am not sure if I want to use books for the language or teach her through unit studies or by other means.

Then I am thinking of using some unit studies that really speak to my Muppin's desires and dreams that were created by Amanda Bennett (If you haven't seen her stuff, go to her Pinterest page, there is a lot of awesome stuff.  Just click her name).  One of the first studies we will do will be on horses.  Muppin longs to learn as much as she can about them.  

Then I think we are going to do a lot of unschooling for the rest of the subjects.  I plan on reading a lot of history and science stuff to her as well as getting those books in shorter forms that she can read for herself.  I know am getting Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy, which is another passion of my daughter's.  Yes I know that isn't unschooling, but we will not be regimented about it, but let her learn at her pace and she will have fun with it.

With that I believe our second grade year will be a full one, regardless of the fact that I don't have one style of teaching that I am utilizing.  How awesome is it that we can cater to our kids learning styles in this way!  And because of that I think she will thrive and not be bored in the least bit. 

If any of you have any other great options or ideas then I would love to hear them as well!


Follow the heart of God for your children, He will never steer you wrong!


How did I become more busy than I was when I had a full time job that I worked 60 hours a week at???  


Other bloggers out there that encourage us all and make me believe I can do it too!


This is from our visit to Northwest Trek!  It is amazing to see all the wildlife up close and personal in their own habitat, yet remain safe!  This tree was huge and several hundred years old.  Of course Muppin had fun posing!  Have a blessed week!

 The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Ellen said...

Hi! Have you ever considered a Charlotte Mason-style homeschool? Short lessons in the morning leave the afternoons free for personal pursuits/creativity. Lots of outdoor time and nature study. We've been using Ambleside Online, a CM-inspired FREE curriculum, for several years now. You may want to check it out! I enjoyed reading your blog post; I hopped over from Homeschool Mothers Journal.

Carri said...

I have not read much about Charlotte Mason but would be very interested in it. I will for sure check out that website you recommended, thanks!

Thanks for stopping by and I will head over to yours and check things out too (I might have already and don't remember, lol)

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Over time your homeschool will evolve into what's comfortable and works. There's always things to tweak, but you'll see better what things work and don't work.

We're a mix of Charlotte Mason and Traditional. It just naturally evolved into this even before I knew what CM was! LOL

Carri said...

I am sure it will continue to evolve for many years which will be MY learning curve! I want to know what to expect now, and get it all in order. Good luck right! LOL

God is good though and I know He will help me out!

Thanks for coming by and having a wonderful weekend!