Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monkey Bread

We had fun about two weeks ago studying bread and how it is made and what makes it rise and all that jazz for a unit study and it was a blast.  Thanks Amanda Bennett!

One of the fun days we had was when we decided to make Monkey Bread.  We had a bunch of recipes in several books and this one was super easy so we dove right in.  For the recipe you can go to allrecipes.com.

As you can see, it is super hands on and perfect for little ones.  I cut the biscuits but she did all the rest except removing from oven and turning the hot pan over.

 We don't add nuts or raisons because she doesn't like them... but boy would they be yummy!

 As you can see after doing all the work with the cinnamon sugar she is quite messy and super cut!

And when it was all done, it was beautiful!  You can't quite see how shinny and gooey it was, but it was super delightful.

Have fun making this super simple treat for the weekend!  Enjoy!

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Maleko said...

Love this 'monkey bread'!