Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011 ~ The End of the World

Have you been following all the hype that has been stirred up by the followers of Harold Camping?  Today is the day that they would call the "End of the World."  There are many people who have become fearful because of his teaching and many more who have decided that because of them this is a day to mock.  

The sad thing is that Camping's followers are not trying to lead people astray, they truly believe what they believe, but they are the ones led astray.  And because they truly believe in their date and are vocal about it, those who do not believe in Christ and that He will return just look at all Christians with even more disbelief and even hatred.  It even causes other Christians to disbelieve because of the rhetoric. 

I believe a couple things though.  The followers of Harold Camping are going to need love and forgiveness for leading others astray and for spreading false doctrine.  As a Christian I believe that if we do not give these simple things to those people how can we expect love and forgiveness for ourselves?  What would happen if we showed love to those people who are believing wrong?  Would their hearts be softened towards the truth?  I believe so.

I also believe that Christ is coming soon.  I believe that the hour is near and that we are to be prepared for His arrival.  The only way we can truly do that is to live a life devoted to the Lord, knowing that we have surrendered our hearts to Jesus because He is the only one that can forgive our sins, save us from our damnation, and seat us at His side unblemished before the one true God!  As Christians we should be excited for His return, not fearful.

If you want to have the assurance that you will be with Him in eternity, it is simple.  Ask him into your heart as the leader of your life, ask His forgiveness of your sins, turn from your ways and follow Him.  He will save you, forgive you, and lead you into a life of amazing dreams fulfilled, dreams you didn't even believe could be yours.  Be bold, ask him now!

The Lord loves you, and so do I.  Have a blessed day!