Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Changing of Isreals Boarders

It was made clear this week that President Obama believes that borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed land swaps.  This not only makes me sad for Isreal, it causes some fear to rise up in me.  It also makes me wonder how he would respond if the same was done to us.  Let me explain.

The sadness is for the people of Israel.  No matter how hard they try to defend themselves the whole world seems to be against them, yet because they are favored by God they continue to stand strong.  That is where the fear comes in.  The Lord clearly says that cursed are those who do not stand with Israel.  This move by our president would surely show the world that we have chosen for the first time NOT to stand with Israel.  That puts us in a scary place.  Our country is already in a difficult place, we don't need to also stop receiving God's blessings and grace because we choose to not stand with Israel anymore.

My last point is this.  America is a country that is pretty young.  We took our lands from Mexico and the Native Americans.  How would we feel if another country came along and told us that we had to give back Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to Mexico because that is the way it used to be?  Didn't matter that we won it through war and have established our boundaries.  What if they said we had to give the majority of our country back to the Native Americans because they were here first?  How would we react to such stipulations from another powerhouse country that "had been" our ally?  How would you feel as a citizen of the USA?

These are very serious questions and if we are not willing to allow those things to happen to us as a country, why do we expect them to allow it to happen to theirs?  Why would we force this on someone else?  I think that we need to think clearly and ask God to lead us in this because we do not want to be the ones to come against the Israeli people.  We just need to view the past to see the possible ramifications for our future.  I pray for our president and his future decisions regarding Israel.

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