Monday, July 23, 2012


I just stumbled upon the most amazing site!  Actually Tammy at emailed me the link.  After taking a long look at it all, all I have to say is, How Awesome!

The site is thredUP and it is basically an online children's clothing resale store.  You can go and shop for clothing for a greatly reduced price and you don't have to go wading through tons of clothing at a used clothing stores.  That means you don't have to deal with going through rack after rack of clothing searching through the clothing that is not in good shape.  I have lots of allergies and sometimes the smell of used clothing places is difficult to deal with for me.  This is all online, each piece laid out nicely to look at.  So no worries there!

They only accept clothing that is in very good shape or like new.  If it has stains, cuts, hanging strings, or smells, they won't resell it.

You can send them your kid's clothing to sell too.  You just have to sign up, they will send you a bag, and the clothing that they feel stands up to their standards gets sold.  They will send you your money via Paypal, or credit you on the site.  There is a small fee for the bag, but as soon as you send them the bag with the clothing, they refund the bag fee to you.  

I also need to mention that if you go to the site and make a purchase using the link I have provided to  thredUP for you, then I will get $5.00 for referring you.  That is an awesome deal too!

This seems like a great way to get rid of the piles of clothing without having to deal with all the time consuming issues of selling them.  I wish I knew of one that was for adult clothing and other items!  If you know of one, please pass on the info and let me know!

The picture to the right is a dress I will be happy to sell in a couple months when it is too small.  It is in beautiful shape!  It will be fun to see if my Muppin wants to get rid of stuff to earn money for herself too!  This could be fun!

Blessings and happy shopping!

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