Thursday, March 3, 2011

What kind of faith do you have?

Do you base your faith on what God does, or who He is?   Do you even know?  It is something we should all be aware of because depending on the answer we can have a totally different take on life.

For the longest time I based my faith in God on what He did "for" me.  Did He keep me safe?  Did He provide this for me?  Did He answer this prayer?  Did He, Did He, DID HE?!!!  When we have a faith like this it is easy to get discouraged and to feel as if the Lord has forgotten us, or thinks we are not worth His blessings or time. 

When we live a life of, did I or didn't I get what I want and how does that make me feel, we are basically saying, "I have faith as long as He does what I ask and I feel good."  That can be dangerous, God knows best!  He knows your future, and even though we may want what we want right now, He knows if that will be detrimental to us down the road.  What feels good now may feel horrible later.  Basing faith on the ups and downs of what did God do for me is a terrible roller coaster ride that will only end badly.

But if we live our lives with faith in WHO God is instead of what He does, what a freeing thing that can be.  True faith walks with the Lord for who He is, not what He does.  God wants you to grow and He wants you to have a relationship with Him.  He loves you and will take care of your every need, not want.  He does gives us things that we want because He loves to bless us, but only if they will be beneficial for us.  When we focus on who God really is and know without a doubt that He will take care of all our needs, we are then using real faith.  Faith that brings peace.  Faith based on love instead of works.

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Maleko said...

Very true, love! It is so easy to fall into the what have you done for me lately trap and very dangerous to do that with God.