Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.....Helen Keller

"A Shattered World"

That is what we are is it not?  A shattered world?  I know that in my own life I have lived through many things that would not only shatter the world of someone but obliterate it if it weren't for one thing... Faith.  And my faith has sustained me, saved me and brought me through many things in this world that would hope to destroy me.

You have to be careful though, because faith alone is nothing at all.  You must have faith in the right thing.  It is not faith in the invisible unseen things that we know nothing about.  It is not faith in that little round fat man that smiles smugly at you when you look at his little brass idol.  And for sure it is not faith in myself because heaven knows that if I put faith in myself I will surely let myself down.  It isn't even faith in faith, for what in the world is that?

Without something substantial to base your faith on, faith is nothing more than a blind wish that is made upon a star when you see the first star appear in the heavens.  It is random, left up to nothing more than, "What if's!"

But when we choose to base our faith on the One who was the same yesterday, today and always; the One who has said what He will do, and has done; the One who makes the lame walk and the blind see.  If we choose to base our faith on the One who gave His life to save ours, then there is hope and in that hope faith springs forth and gives birth to light!  And in that light no darkness can ever hope to gain ground and what once was shattered is now glistening as diamonds in the sun!

Faith in Our Lord is our strength, and though we are a shattered people, when we are restored then we shine all the more.... We become the light in the darkness.  But our faith must be placed righteously, or it is not of faith at all.


Maleko said...

Amen honey! You have an insight that I can only hope to match. You are gifted beyond and set apart by and for God. Keep the Faith!

Denise Johnson said...

I love this!! You should consider writing an article or book--I'm serious! You have a gift that speaks to people and your words reach others. I'm so blessed to know you and be a part of your heart.

Carri said...

Maleko~ Thank you sweetie... I think your insight far outreaches mine, but I thank you for the love and encouragement. Love you!

Denise~ Thank you too hon, I am honored that you are part of my heart. God is good because He knew we needed each other. Hugs my friend!